Grip Full-Staple Stapler, 25-Sheet Capacity, Graphite Black

Grip Full-Staple Stapler, 25-Sheet Capacity, Graphite Black

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Product Description

Grip Full Strip Stapler, 25-Sheet Capacity, Graphite Black - Stapler is ergonomically designed for handheld use and delivers jam-free performance with every staple from first to last. Use it to increase productivity with 25 percent greater capacity than standard staplers. Stapler fastens up to 25 sheets with 4 Staples and holds a strip of 210 staples. Innovative streamlined design lets stapler stand vertically or sit horizontally.

  • Jam Free Guaranteed for non-stop use.
  • Staples 25% more sheets than comparable models.
  • 25-sheet stapling capacity.
  • Metal construction ensures maximum durability.
  • Smoothly contoured for the best handheld precision stapling can stand-up on end for easier handheld grab to use.
  • 100% Performance Guarantee when used with recommended staples.
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i love it

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Love it

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loved ittt

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