Modern Stapler

Modern Stapler

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Product Description

Contemporary Staple Remover - Push-style staple remover offers simplified, efficient staple removal without the pinch-style effort. Stick-style staple removing is simple. Push the metal tongue between the staple and paper. In one quick motion, the staple is forced up and out of the paper while the staple grabber secures it for easy cleanup. Ergonomic design is comfortable and requires less effort than traditional pinch-style removers. It is perfect for clearing bulletin boards of staples. Remover is perfect for work, school or the home office.

  • Simple, effortless operation on paper and bulletin boards
  • Staple grabber holds loose staples for easy cleanup
  • Comfortable handling
  • No paper tearing
  • Compact, ergonomic shape for easy storing and on-the-go use

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